Measurement Platforms Full Review


  • Type: Customer Journey Attribution
  • Platforms: Web (Desktop)
  • Core Offering:
    • Budget recommendation, customer journey, AI based budget allocator
atriba attribution

Adtriba is a German company founded in 2015 as a solution to track, control and optimize customer’s journey on websites. The platform uses AI to analyze the user path off and on site.

The platform offers analyzing customer journey cross channel (online & offline), provide budget recommendations, optimize towards ROI.

Adtriba caters to the marketer that spends most of their marketing activities across websites including some offline activities.

Adtriba offers most documentation in German and most of their customer base is German. If you are not a german speaker – you will need the support of a translator, or have several calls with the team that will help guide you through all parts of the platform

adtriba dashboard

Integration / Development Needed

Integration with Adtriba does not require SDK or code. You can integrate data files or connect some platforms directly with Adtriba.

If you follow the API integration, you may do so at no extra costs. But if you would like to use connectors to platforms like Funnel, Adobe, Salesforce, Appsflyer, and so on – there is an additional monthly cost for each integration.

The integration itself is not difficult (other than the fact you need to know German or speak with a support person over the phone to get things done. It’s just a little bit of a hassle.

adtriba integration

You will need to place pixels in your website to use Adtriba for tracking

adtriba integration process

And you can use CSV upload using a template in order to bring offline campaign data to the platform

integration process adtriba


Once you complete the integration, onboarding is not very difficult. If you had ever used any analytics platform – Adtriba dashboards work similar to what you would be used to.

The platform currently only shows spend and revenue in EURO. Even if your data is in USD – the platform shows the numbers with a EUR sign – making things very confusing.

If you onboard campaign data for offline campaigns the platform does very well in providing analytics and advanced attribution data for better decision making.

adtriba platform
adtriba dashboard


Support for Adtriba is through a support page on their website. Interestingly, there were no support articles already available.

We had to contact support multiple times with questions – but unfortunately there was no dedicated support line – so we continued emailing with the team that onboarded us.

It was not ideal.

We couldn’t get onto calls with engineering resources, as some of them did not speak English.

adtriba support

Useful insights

Adtriba’s platform is meant to run optimization based on AI and attribution of user journey.

This might work well on websites – but it does not work well for mobile apps.

adtriba insights

The platform uses 1st party cookies (web only) in order to try and understand the full user conversion funnel and break this into multiple paths in order to understand what was the contribution each point had to causing the conversion.

It’s an interesting approach to multi-touch attribution , but unfortunately is not relevant or useful for mobile apps.

Adtriba does not claim that they solve the mobile attribution problem – but instead, offers you to work with Adjust (another German attribution provider) to track mobile conversions.

adtriba insights


Adtriba for websites is very accurate, as it takes the data you want to onboard to it (so there are no discrepancies)

When you apply the customer journey attribution with Adtriba (only available for websites – not for apps), Adtriba can provide you with very interesting insights that do make sense.

We did find that some of these insights were off – but most of the insights actually did help boost the Roi of our web advertising activities

The recommendations are only based on “how many touch points were there between the users and the conversions” (typical to multi-touch-advertising), but for any marketing activities that did not include a touch point (i.e. video advertising, brand advertising across TV, etc.) the platform gave the recommendation to “cut” those channels all together.

Note that if you happen to turn on marketing automation – Adtriba will stop campaigns on your behalf and if you reactivate those campaigns – you will need to keep reactivating them until you turn off marketing automation.

adtriba measurement platform


Adtriba provides good security and as the onboarding is done via APIs and reports – there is less risk of fraudulent activities breaching the security of the platform itself.

But since the web attribution is based on a pixel – if your website is attacked by a bot attack – Adtriba will go a little crazy and provide you with weird insights.

adtriba platform

Privacy compliant

Adtriba uses cookies for it’s analytics and attribution platform. While 3rd party cookies have been deprecated across all major browsers, Adtriba replaces those with 1st party cookies for non supporting browsers.

This solution does meet web privacy policies regulations , but Adtriba does not provide a solution for mobile other than accepting whatever attribution data is provided by Adjust.

adtriba privacy

Unbiased vs. Biased

The solution offered by Adtriba is biased towards web advertising and as you’lll see in the pricing model – the costs are based on your own media costs , making Adtriba be incentivized on how much you spend and give them a good reason to push you to spend more.

Adtriba compares itself to Google Analytics (a free product) explaining why Adtriba is a better platform than the one developed by Google

adtriba unbiased

With all due respect – we found that laughable.

Pricing Model & Price

The pricing model of Adtriba is typical to measurement platforms – there’s a license fee (starts from 1,500 EUR (around $1,800) per month, and adtriba also charges a % of your media costs (around 2%).

In addition, Adtriba charges a premium for various integrations.

For example – if you onboard cost data using, you need to add 300 EUR (around $350) per month.

A fully onboarded license can end up costing $25,000

For a typical web (desktop) advertiser that uses google analytics – $25,000 is not a cheap solution for marketing automation. However, the addition of multi-touch attribution is not bad.

adtriba pricing

Review Summary:

Adtriba is a German based AI software unifying marketing measurement and running budget allocation decisions on the fly. The platform can digest excel and CSV data, making it a pretty good platform for marketers who operate most of their budget between offline and web. When using the platform for automation of budget allocation, the platform was able to make changes to search campaigns on Google and other web DSPs like MediaMath, The Trade Desk and DV360.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pretty good in data unification and aggregation
  • AI based budget allocation decisions
  • Only suitable if you’re a web or offline advertiser
  • Pricing is reasonable, but contains a variable component (% of media costs)
  • The product is not self service, and required some meetings and calls to get started
  • The product is not very intuitive

Measurement Platforms Review for Adtriba:

No Dev Needed★★★★★★★☆☆Privacy Compliant★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Accuracy★★★★★★☆☆☆Pricing Model★★★★★★★☆☆
Useful Insights★★★★★★★★☆Price★★★★★★★☆☆